Personal Wager AMA (Presented by OSTERN)

Monday, February 24th, 2020 - The Valley, Anguilla, British West Indies.

Personal Wager participated in the first (of many) live AMA sessions, where the community had the opportunity to ask the team questions they had on mind regarding both the project, and the future of eSports. The following are the questions along with their corresponding timestamp. The Youtube video is also time stamped for your convenience (please see description):


1. Brian (3:00 - 3:30)

3. Rob (3:30 - 4:25)

4. Richard (4:33 - 4:55)

2. Chris (5:09 - 5:52)

Q. What made you develop Personal Wager?

(5:57 - 7:59)

Q. How does it work? 

(8:02 - 9:33)

Q - What is Personal Wager and how are you guys changing the esports industry?


Q. How will Personal Wager help the eSports industry?


Q. How did you come up with the name Personal Wager and PWON? 


Q. Any roadmap updates that you can share with us? 


Q. Can you please summarize the incentives for listeners/viewers to participate in the ICO? 


Q. What is the company’s strategy to fund the marketing campaign that will be needed to gain visibility and build a user base?


Q. How do you plan to get more exposure?


Q. Why is this project not a SCAM? 


Q. When will your token/coin be listed on exchanges?


Q. How are you better than your competition?


Q - What is the function of PWON within the Personal Wager Ecosystem?


Q - Is PWON a native chain, or is it ERC20 / NEP 5 / etc etc?


Q - How do you keep track of every bet made, who won, and who should be allocated the PWON? 


Q -  What are your plans so that when the token comes out to the market, the price does not fall quickly? 


Q - As an investor, does it benefit me at all to hold the token? 


Q - Will the tokens be used on different platforms or will it only be limited to the Personal Wager Platform? [White Label?] 


Q - A large percentage of the people exposed to Personal Wager through the sponsored streamers are underage. How will they avoid issuing tokens to users that are not of the corresponding age to make bets? 


Q - Why use ERC20 rather than a native protocol? I believe that would be the biggest distinction between personal wager and other projects focusing on E-Sports betting. 


Q - Let’s talk about security, what measures are being taken to ensure bad actors aren’t able to obtain our tokens or information? 


About Ostern

This AMA was hosted by Tyler Ostern for his excellent skills both in stream production and confidence. Osterns stream can be found here:

Osterns goal is to create a gaming community that is supportive and self sufficient.

About Personal Wager

Personal Wager is the first globally accessible 'self policing', eSports player-to-player wagering platform, allowing players to wager on their own skill online, in person and in any game between 2 parties, on any platform.  

The platform focuses on 1 vs 1, team vs team and soon, AI vs AI matches.  In addition to the above, the platform will support eSports tournaments in various AAA titles through strategic partnerships that are already in motion.

Personal Wager already has a growing network of streamers and social partners who wager using the MVP, and additionally API/SDK access for game developers to integrate into their titles.

Visit the Personal Wager ICO website here:

Visit the Personal Wager platform here:


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