Personal Wager engages The Core Admin to handle marketing for ICO/IEO

September 1st, 2019 - The Valley, Anguilla, British West Indies.

Personal Wager is excited to announce their latest partnership with The Core Admin. The Core Admin will handle the Pre-ICO, ICO and Post-ICO marketing, and any subsequent marketing required for a successful fundraising. With the experience the Core Admin brings to the table, the team at Personal Wager expects this partnership to be beneficial to the exposure of the project and overall success of fundraising initiatives.

About The Core Admin

The Core Admin connects the cryptocurrency market to its end user, whether it’s through businesses, peer-to-peer, or directly through key digital media platforms. The Core Admin has worked with many projects in various industries. Past clients include Electroneum, WaykiChain and BLC Core Community Ltd is a corporation registered at the Republic of Cyprus.

Visit The Core Admin website here:

About Personal Wager

Personal Wager is the first globally accessible 'self policing', eSports player-to-player wagering platform, allowing players to wager on their own skill online, in person and in any game between 2 parties, on any platform.  

The platform focuses on 1 vs 1, team vs team and soon, AI vs AI matches.  In addition to the above, the platform will support eSports tournaments in various AAA titles through strategic partnerships that are already in motion.

Personal Wager already has a growing network of streamers and social partners who wager using the MVP, and additionally API/SDK access for game developers to integrate into their titles.

Visit the Personal Wager ICO website here:

Visit the Personal Wager platform here:


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